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Jan 21, 2013 1:00am EST
more than quintupled its the size of our community. we were using technology to open our doors to another generation of women and men where we meet up. we are reaching them where they are, helping them understand what is at stake and adding their voices to our movement. i am proud to say that emily's list is now more than 2 million members strong. let's make it 5 million. let's do it. listt to see emily's expand to the next cycle. i literally mean right now. immediately. there are donor cards at your table and candidates who need to now. we are in the business of winning elections. i have been in that business awhile now. i have opened a lot of envelops from emily's list of donors. i have seen a lot. i have accepted speeches and i have helped make a few republicans give them. this is the difference between joe walsh and tammy, between todd akin and claire mccaskill, between mitt romney and barack obama. [applause] it matters. that is why even as campaigns evolve, our committment to winning will never change. nuts and bolts matter. we will continue to be there at the moments tha
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
technology works the way it's supposed to, that we should have members of the illinois army national guard 33rd infantry brigade combat unit based in urbana illinois. hey, guys. >> hello, sir. go ahead. good morning, sir. >> i was told there was going to be a delay. before you say anything, else can you please introduce the rest of your crew there? >> yes, sir. it is all about them. i am from chicago. most of the people are from chicago. before i pass the microphone, i wanted to invite you back to afghanistan and sit down with some of the great people we work with and develop their security forces. come on back when you get a chance. >> i will be back. >> how are you doing mr. president? chicago, illinois. west side, sir. >> hi, mr. president. i am near midway airport. >> can i ask a question before you pass on the mic we've got three chicago guys, this is an important test white sox or cubs? >> cubs fan, mr. president. >> i am sorry. i could not hear you. >> cubs then, mr. president. -- fan, mr. president. >> go to the next guy, let's see if we can find a white sox fan. cubs >> terr
Jan 19, 2013 4:25pm EST
. guest: all the technology goes into a basket before bed -- parents can set a bad example by having tv and phones in the bedroom. caller: six years ago or so, i went to a friend's house. he had two little girls. there seven and nine. complete this video game with me. but it was grand theft auto. my instinct was to avoid the pedestrians. i said,hit one, soared. they said, -- sorry. they said, don't be sorry. they wanted me to kill them. they seem normal now. you would think there has got to be something there. it is and printed on them to kill a pedestrian. mprinted in them to kill the pedestrian. guest: the girls do not in any way see these as real people. if you play a game like grand theft auto -- a child should not be having access to a game like grand theft auto. a 10-year-old boy was showing me how he played grand theft auto. a child that age is not even going to be aware of other contests, how to find it. -- content, how to find it. people worry about the sensitization a lot of the time to think of a child is shooting at people, running them over, to not care if someone is hurt -
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3